The Intelligent Product Conveyor Line of Jinhong series is a product distribution system that gently feeds products into a horizontal feeding packing machine. The product distribution system can be customized according to customer requirements, and connected with a corresponding number of packaging machines to realize non-contact product transfer, feeding and packaging.

To ensure efficiency and reliability, the product distribution system features the advanced technology. Even the most challenging food products can be efficiently handled achieving high Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The modular design supports easy assembly, maintenance and cleaning by including an easy-to-clean stainless steel frame, highly integrated signal control and power cables. The highly integrated control cabinet includes a humanized Human Machine Interface (HMI), which improves operation efficiency. Intelligent speed adjustment and material control maintain a continuous product flow into the packing machines.


During standard operation, the conveyor distribution system can be operated through an integrated electrical cabinet. The large touch-screen enables fast and clear access to all required areas and functions such as parameter entry, error indicator and trouble-shooting procedures.


Easy for cleaning and maintenance

Excellent hygiene standards

Easy operation and high operational safety

High efficiency

Reliable design for durable construction

Handles a wide range of food products



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Modular design

Conveyor belt automatic correction

All product touching parts in 304 food grade stainless execution

Knife edge belt design

Crumb collection trays

Integrated control cabinet

Belt scrapers

End-rollers D12mm