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Horizontal Flow Packaging Machine

  • Commodity name: JH-Z1211

Commodity ID:

The JH-Z1211 swash tray horizontal flow packaging machine is for oat bars, fruit bars, candy bars, crunchy candy and other cylindrical puffed food or brittle products.

100-600 packs/min

Keyword:Food machinery

Product Description




Oat bars, fruit bars, candy bars, crunchy candy and other cylindrical puffed food or brittle products.


Technical Parameters:

Product Dimensions Length 30-125 mm/ Width 15-40 mm/ Height 10-30 mm
Output 100-600 packs/min
Pack Length 70-180 mm
Net Weight 1680 kg
Voltage 380 V
Total Power 7.5 kW
Machine Dimension 4635*1380*1885 mm


Machine Design:

√ Clear separation between drive box and electric box and product area for high hygiene level

√ Provide right and left hand versions to reduce labor costs

√ The automated film change ensures uninterrupted operation

√ Adopt nine shafts servo drive system, three independent servo drive shafts control feeding chain traction, film pull and activation of sealing jaws, six independent servo drive shafts control intelligent material feeding.

√ The inclined material tray distributes and feeds products according to the height difference of the material tray for the integrity of the materials

√ Equipped with trays for collection of product residue

√ Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables fast and clear access to all required areas and functions such as product size change, multi-zone temperature control, error indicator and trouble-shooting procedures

√ Equipped with large material feeding tray and automatic feeding device (Vibration hopper) for stable, continuous and efficient feeding and packaging

√ Can equipped with conveyor lines for full automation



√ High performance, high efficiency and high production

√ Easy for cleaning and maintenance

√ Easy operation and high operational safety

√ Excellent hygiene standards

√ Excellent package and sealing quality




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