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JH-Z1230-B Automatic Multifunctional Pillow Packing Machine


Mask packing machine

  • Commodity name: JH-Z1230-B Automatic Multifunctional Pillow Packing Machine
  • Commodity ID: 1181530025409269760

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Keyword:Food machinery

Product Description

Customized for mask package 
1. Automatic computer touch screen control and three-servo motor device system can easily and quickly carry out packaging adjustment of various sizes;
2. Multi-area temperature control device, touch screen can be set at will, excellent packaging and high-quality sealing, to ensure the product quality of packaging;
3. Equipped with high-speed automatic film connection function, the efficiency ratio of automatic film changing is the highest without stopping;
4. Food contact parts are made of stainless steel, with good smoothness and easy to clean, in line with food hygiene standards;
5. can be equipped with other, code machine, suspension automatic punching device, nitrogen charging device, custom stainless steel shell model;
6. It equipped with mechanical failure automatic display alarm, easy to operate and maintain.
Main Technical Parameters:
Packing speed: 100-300 pcs / min
Forming bag length: 100-350mm
Package specifications: Length: 50-300 mm Width: 30-100 mm Thickness: 5-30mm
Packaging film materials: OPP, CPP, PET, aluminized film, aluminum plastic film and other single-layer or multi-layer heat sealable materials
Other Specifications:
Voltage: 380V
Total power: 4.5KW
Weight: 820KG
Dimensions: 2902 * 1306 * 1885mm






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