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The technology development direction of food packaging machines

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A food packaging machine is a machine that can complete all or part of the product and food packaging process, which has brought many important influences to our daily production and life. So what is the technological development direction of food packaging machines? Let's take a look.

Here is the content list:

l Research on a technical standard system

l Research on innovative design technology

l Whole-process quality control

Research on a technical standard system

Developed countries, most of them have established a standard system characterized by technical barriers. Among them, the United States and Japan focus on technical regulations, technical standards, and certification systems, while the European Union uses EU directives, European harmonized standards, and EU "CE" marks, etc. as the main content. Technical barriers are supported by technical standards, and the import threshold is raised through technical standards, to achieve the purpose of protecting national interests. The key to the competition in the food packaging machines market in the world today mainly depends on the ability to convert product technology into standards and technical regulations, to obtain technical barriers and economic benefits.

For the consistency and coordination of international technical exchanges and trade exchanges, the technical standards of food packaging machines in various countries in the world have moved closer to international standards or EU standards, which is an important measure to avoid technical barriers in the global food machinery field. Therefore, establish an operating mechanism that meets the needs of the standardized development of food packaging machines, form a standard development system with enterprises as the main body, universities and research institutes as the technical support, and intermediary services as the bridge, and build a market-oriented, focused, structured reasonable technical standard system, cultivate a group of competitive enterprises that are leading by technical standards, cultivate a team of standardized talents with high quality and strong ability, promote the transformation of food and packaging machinery scientific and technological innovation achievements into technical standards, and drive food and packaging machinery industry technology upgrade.

Research on innovative design technology

The technological competition of food packaging machines in various countries is a contest of technological innovation capabilities in this field. Through technological innovation, we can transform from simple technology to complex technology, from single technology to integrated technology, from traditional technology to high-tech, and finally realize the technological leap of food packaging machines as the starting point and destination of technological innovation. Given the low technical content of food and packaging machinery in my country, the common practice of developed countries and multinational companies should be adopted, that is, the technical content that others cannot easily imitate and obtain through innovative design. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out research on innovative design technology of food and packaging machinery, analyze the basic situation at home and abroad, and put forward the basic types, design characteristics, basic principles, design methods, etc. the technical content of machinery.

Whole-process quality control

The modern international food processing and production method of food packaging machines shift the focus of quality assurance from the traditional inspection of final products to the control of key control points in the processing process. The purpose is to: first, reduce the processing operation process. The second is to prevent operation in unsanitary conditions, environments that may cause pollution or quality deterioration, and avoid losses caused by mass production of substandard products. Therefore, one of the main stream the technological development of the world's food machinery is to adapt the technology of food packaging machines to the whole process control requirements of quality and safety.

At the same time, research on product quality evaluation technology is carried out. There is no product quality evaluation method for food packaging machines in my country, which leads to uneven product quality in the market, and it is difficult to guarantee product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out research on product quality evaluation technology from the relevant factors that restrict the product quality of food packaging machines and to propose methods of food and packaging machinery product quality evaluation.

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