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The development trend of candy flow packing machine

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At present, the candy and chocolate industry has entered the process of modernization, and new materials, new equipment, and new technologies promote the continuous innovation of candy and chocolate production technology and packaging technology and strive for excellence. To quickly shorten the gap between domestic candy and chocolate products and developed countries, the only way is to take the road of technological innovation. In the future, the development trend of domestic candy and chocolate packaging will inevitably develop towards the high-speed automation of candy flow packing machines, the multi-function of one machine, and the specialization of packaging design. So what is the development trend of candy flow packing machines? Let's take a look.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Optimize packaging costs

  • Personalized packaging and flexibility

Optimize packaging costs

When packaging standardized products, candy, and chocolate manufacturers generally require high-speed, automated candy flow packing machines to optimize packaging costs with economies of scale. Therefore, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers have developed high-speed, high-speed horizontal candy flow packing machines suitable for different types of products, such as traditional pillow packaging and some kink packing machines suitable for double kink products. In this type of candy flow packing machine, manufacturers have adopted today's latest technologies, such as full servo motors, photoelectric tracking, high-speed cameras, etc., to achieve packaging machine performance. The high-speed candy flow packing machine is more developed from the aspects of matching the equipment with the cold air packaging film, to meet the requirements of high speed without affecting the quality of chocolate products. In addition, the automatic turning, sorting, emergency stop, and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected with the chocolate packaging machine are also widely used.

Enables individual packaging and flexible adaptation

For non-standardized or seasonal products, the high-speed candy flow packing machine is more flexible, characterized by lightness and compactness. The full automatic candy flow packing machine seeks individual packing and flexible adaptability. To meet the competition of commodities, the original packaging design constantly seeks new and different, giving people a strong visual impact. For example, the bottled xylitol chewing gum is currently on the market, due to the improvement of packaging, it is suitable for the consumption psychology of the younger generation, and the product is very popular. In recent years, domestic candy technical experts have made gratifying achievements in introduction, cooperation, and independent creation. In the field of candy equipment, they have successively launched aerated toffee production lines, colloidal soft candy automatic lines, ultra-thin film vacuum instantaneous cooking units, and marshmallow production lines. The automatic candy flow packing machine has a single kink packing machine, folding packing machine, high-speed pillow packing machine, and so on.

In general, the candy flow packing machine will develop in the direction of multi-function, high performance, and automation in the future. The above is the relevant content about the development trend of candy flow packing machines. If you are interested in a candy flow packing machine, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.jinhongchina.com/.









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