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The actual situation of the packing machine industry at home and abroad

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As we all know, there are many packing machine enterprises in China, with small scale and low technology content. Only about 5% of domestic packing machine enterprises have the production capacity of a full set of packaging systems, which can compete with international enterprises such as Japan, Germany, and Italy. Most small-scale food enterprises can only rely on imported packaging machinery and equipment. According to relevant data, in 2010, China's food and packaging machinery were mainly imported from Europe. The import value of packaging machinery was 2.098 billion US dollars, accounting for 70.71% of the total packaging machinery, a year-on-year increase of 40.94%. It can be seen that China's domestic demand for packaging machinery is large, but because the domestic packaging machinery technology fails to meet the needs of food companies, the import volume of domestic packaging machinery and equipment has increased unabated. So what is the reality of the domestic and foreign food packaging machinery industry? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:

  • Development status of packaging machinery in my country

  • Development status of foreign packaging machinery

Development status of packaging machinery in my country

The development status of my country's packaging machines is: based on the introduction, digestion, and absorption, there has been certain innovation, and the technological content of products is also constantly improving. There are some problems in the development process of my country's packaging machinery products, mainly how to face the competition of foreign enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, how to improve the level of "three modernizations" of products according to China's national conditions, to achieve high-speed work, diversified packaging product specifications, and improved reliability and how to sterilize food and pharmaceutical packaging machinery. On the premise of improving the performance and reliability of packaging machinery products, it will move towards mechatronics and control micro computerization. Use advanced methods such as reliability design, optimization design, and computer-aided design to develop advanced machinery and components (parts) such as modular and modular, improve the technological level of products and the level of "three modernizations", and at the same time combine with the international quality system, vigorously develop all kinds of automatic detection technology and equipment supporting packaging machinery. At present, compared with advanced developed countries in terms of packaging machinery, there is still a gap in some processing technologies and components, and some key materials still cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, these are the key breakthroughs and solutions in the field of packaging machinery in my country in the future.

Development status of foreign packaging machinery

With their strong economic and technological advantages, Europe and the United States have caused huge pressure on my country's packing machine enterprises. Europe and the United States can be regarded as unique new technology in the packing machine industry, and it is also a weapon for many European and American companies to realize their globalization strategy.

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