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Introduction of green design of food packaging machine

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The integration of the green concept is emphasized in the design of the food packaging machine, the key lies in the conversion of its green concept with food packaging machine material and food packaging machine structure, and the optimization and adjustment of the green concept of the mechanical power system are emphasized. There are different design considerations and requirements for different content and green design.

Here is the content list:

  • Green Design of Food packaging machine Materials

  • The green structure design of the food packaging machine

Green Design of Food packaging machine Materials

In the production process of food packaging machines, the product is the food that people directly import. The hygiene of food is directly related to one's health. Therefore, there should be very strict requirements for hygiene in the process of constructing food packaging machines. In the process of mechanical planning, there will inevitably be contact between machinery and food. To ensure that the parts that come into contact with food must be non-toxic, non-corrosive, easy to clean and disassemble, and prevent difficult cleaning in the production process. The dead corners reached, resulting in the accumulation of materials and the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. In the design process of food packaging machines, the basis of mechanical design arrangement is green materials. The use of green materials affects the final effect of mechanical design to a large extent. Not only that, but green materials also have a great impact on the degree of green environmental protection of products. Products made from non-green materials themselves do not have many of the advantages of green materials. In the process of selecting green design materials for food packaging machines, it is necessary to select the characteristics of the materials in a targeted manner based on the characteristics of the green materials themselves. In terms of materials, green design has stricter requirements. In the process of the specific implementation, the green design also emphasizes minimizing unnecessary material consumption, so that energy and resources can be fully utilized. For example, the product design attaches great importance to the use of recycled materials.

The green structure design of the food packaging machine

In the process of practicing the green product design concept of a food packaging machine, it is neo integrate material selection managers and ensure and on of green requirements and the improvement of structural design adaptability. These include designs for ease of manufacture and assembly and designs for disassembly. Green products not only require easier manufacturing and assembly, but also improve product quality and enhance product plasticity, make it easier to optimize manufacturing equipment, take environmental protection as the ultimate goal to improve the quality of products, and extend the life of food packaging machines service life. In the process of manufacturing modern mechanical products, many technical product designs will be used, and the intensive integration of technologies will cause some products to appear semi-contaminated and complex, which brings great difficulties to product disassembly. At present, in the specific design process, the consideration of disassembly restrictions is relatively light, resulting in the problem of difficult product disassembly and disposal, and inconvenient maintenance is another phenomenon that affects the further recycling of its products and causes waste of resources. To solve this problem, the possibility of disassembly should be considered in the structural design when designing products, and disassembly should be used as an evaluation criterion for product design. Different types of open-loop structures and closed-loop structures are used to adjust the detachability separately. In the open-loop structure, parts can be reused many times in different products to construct a general structure. The latter is reused in the same product to build a non-universal structure.

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