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How to choose and use a candy flow packing machine?

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As new equipment, the candy flow packing machine has played an important role in candy packaging. The era of mechanization is in the past, and automation is what the major machinery manufacturers are following. So how to choose and use a full automatic candy flow packing machine? Here is the answer to this question for everyone.

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l How to choose a candy flow packing machine?

l What are the main advantages of pillow packing machine?

How to choose a candy flow packing machine?

First, we must clarify what products are to be packaged for the horizontal flow packaging machine to be purchased, whether there are any special requirements, so that we can choose the type of high-speed candy flow packing machine. Second, we must choose products that are cost-effective as possible. At present, the production technology of my country's candy flow packing machine is quite mature, and there is not much difference with the same type of foreign products, but the price is much cheaper than that of foreign brands, and the product has an obvious cost-effective advantage. Thirdly, visit the site as often as possible; good talk is better than good work. You can experience it yourself on the machine, and the quality of the candy flow packing machine product can be seen at a glance. Remember to pay more attention to the details of the product, as they can often determine the final quality of the product.

What are the main advantages of pillow packing machine?

Using candy flow packing machine to package products, the main advantages are as follows: high-speed horizontal candy flow packing machine is a representative of full automation, and it is also a major part of the packaging machinery industry. Survive in this commodity competition environment through versatility, intelligence, high efficiency, and labor reduction. High-speed automatic horizontal flow packaging machine: Equipped with a Multi-axis servo drive system. IoT module enables monitor machine conditions, provide remote support, etc. Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables fast and clear access to all required areas and functions, various technical parameters can be visually displayed on the display screen, including the packaging speed and production volume when the machine is running. The automated film change ensures uninterrupted operation. The application of the large material feeding tray ensures stable, continuous and efficient feeding and packaging.

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