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Properties of the JH-Z1221

1. Clear separation between drive box and electric box and product area for high hygiene level
2. Executed in stainless steel for food contact areas
3. Equipped with a nine shafts servo drive system, three independent servo drive shafts control feeding chain traction, film pull and activation of sealing jaws, six independent servo drive shafts control intelligent material feeding
4. Equipped with EtherCAT bus control system
5. Equipped with IoT module (Internet of Things module)
6. Intelligent feeding system ensures no empty packages
7. The automated film change ensures uninterrupted operation
8. The belt can be changed and clean easily
9. Provide right and left hand versions to reduce labor costs
10. The JH-Z1221 horizontal flow packaging machine can operate as an independent unit or can be integrated with conveyor lines or other packaging system for full automation

Advantages of the JH-Z1221

1. Up to 1000 Flowpacks per minute
2. High performance, high efficiency and high production
3. Easy for cleaning and maintenance
4. Fast belt changes
5. Easy operation and high operational safety
6. Excellent hygiene standards
7. Excellent package and sealing quality
8. Reliable full automation

Our Help to Nestlé

Hsu Fu Chi Food Group, a subsidiary of Nestlé, is one of the largest food manufacturers in China and a long-term premium customer of Jinhong. They purchase high-speed food packaging machines from us every year. We both trust each other and have established a deep friendship.

Crispy Candy is one of Hsu Fu Chi's core products. They originally used an old-fashioned pillow packing machine, which required 3 workers for one machine. In order to achieve the output of 100 tons per day, the square meter production workshop is full of 50 machines. 150 workers shuttle in the workshop; 50 machines run constantly to generate heat and make noise.
You can imagine, when you are in it, what do you feel? It is crowded, noisy, irritable, nervous, and disorderly. There are many machines and the failure rate is high. Poor work environment and low work efficiency lead to rising labor costs. These problems have long plagued Hsu Fu Chi's management. The rectification of the workshop is imminent.
Jinhong designed a tailor-made renovation plan for the Hsu Fu Chi Candy Workshop. Two large conveying lines are planned; each conveying line is equipped with 12 sets of JH-Z1221 pillow packaging machines, a total of 24 sets; two packaging machines are equipped with one operator.
This workshop renovation can be considered to have made the workshop achieve the highest efficiency ratio. 50 old-fashioned pillow packaging machines were replaced by 24 JH-Z1221 pillow packaging machines; 150 workers were reduced to 20; daily output increased from 100 tons to 120 tons. Achieved a 150% increase in the packaging efficiency of a single machine, a 17% increase in the average daily production capacity of the workshop, and an 87% reduction in labor.
After the completion of the Crispy Candy Workshop renovation project, the Nestlé Group headquarters specially sent a group to investigate this project.
The spacious and bright workshop and comfortable and relaxing working environment not only reduce labor costs, but also improve the work efficiency of workers. Jinhong won unanimous praise from the research team and the management of Hsu Fu Chi, and the renovation was also recorded and circulated by Nestlé Group as a classic case.
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Customized Jelly Packaging Line
The package effect of the original horizontal flow machine is not perfect for their moon-shape jelly: the feeding performance is not good enough cause high probability of the empty-package, resulting in the overall production efficiency of the packaging workshop.
So according to the customer demand, we help to customize one automatically intelligent feeding and packaging line for his jelly. one main feeding conveyor runs three sets of JH-Z1221 horizontal packaging machine. The packaging line avoids the empty-package of the special-shape jelly and meanwhile improves the workshop production efficiency, help our customer save labor cost.
Customized Nougat Packaging Line
Nougat is a sticky snack. It is difficult for lots of packaging machinery suppliers to solve the problem of products sticking together within package process, resulting in slow packaging speed and high product smash rate. So customers were focused to choose manual/semi-automatic packaging machine for this kind of products.
After years innovation and development, we have independently developed and designed one packaging procedures for sticky products. By setting the material position parameter, we ensure each products can keep a certain interval in intelligent distribution area, thus avoiding a serial of unstable factors like product sticking together, product smash, empty package, which greatly improving the packaging efficiency, thereby helping customers to achieve fully automated production.
Customized Heart Shaped Chocolate Packaging Line
The customer’s product is heart chocolate. Jinhong designs one automatically intelligent feeding and packaging line based on the chocolate production capacity: one main feeding conveyor with three sets of JH-Z1221 horizontal flow package machine, it can realize the service integration from production output, distribution feeding to package.
With rich practical innovation and technique advantage in chocolate feeding& packaging machinery area, we greatly help our customer reduce labor cost to improve their production efficiency by customized solution and high performance packaging machines, thus getting the recognition of the majority of customers.


  • How is your after-sales service?

    Firstly, machine has 1 year warranty. During the warranty time, the spare parts will be free replaced. Secondly, we can arrange field service or remote service according to your requirements.
  • How long is your delivery time?

    Each packaging machine is customized, normally we will complete the production and delivery within 15-35 working days. 
  • What is your terms of payment?

    40% T/T deposit before production, 60% T/T balance payment before shipment. We can also negotiate according to the payment terms available to the customer.
  • Can one packaging machine pack multiple products?

    Each model of packaging machines has its range for packaging product size and packaging bag size. We will provide the best solution according to customer needs.
  • Which kind of packaging machine is most suitable for us?

    We will recommend the most suitable packaging machine for you based on the product shape, product size, product characteristics, packaging bag size and other information you provide. We can also customize the machine according to your requirements.
The JH-Z2000 super high speed horizontal flow packaging machine is for candies, toffees or other solid food with regular shapes such as spherical, oval, cylindrical, square, etc. 
100-2000 packs/min
The JH-Z1205 high speed horizontal flow packaging machine is for candies, toffees or other solid food with regular shapes such as spherical, oval, cylindrical, square, etc. 
100-1200 packs/min
The JH-Z1205J high speed horizontal flow packaging machine is for candies, toffees or other solid food with regular shapes such as spherical, oval, cylindrical, square, etc. 
100-1000 packs/min
The JH-Z1211 swash tray horizontal flow packaging machine is for oat bars, fruit bars, candy bars, crunchy candy and other cylindrical puffed food or brittle products. 
100-600 packs/min
The JH-Z1205J-B semi-automatic horizontal flow packaging machine is for a diverse range of products, such as confectionery, bakery goods, biscuits, snacks, medicine, hardware, consumer goods, and many more. 
100-500 packs/min
The JH-Z801J horizontal flow packaging machine is for candies, toffees, lollipop or other solid food with regular shapes such as spherical, oval, cylindrical, square, etc. 
100-800 packs/min
The JH-Z802J horizontal flow packaging machine is for lollipop, bar-type candies, etc. 
100-400 packs/min









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