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Flow packing machine safeguards

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The standardization of food machinery is the technical guarantee of flow packing machine product quality, a necessary condition for modern large-scale production, and an important means of specialized production. The key to determining the competition in the food machinery market today depends to a large extent on the ability to convert technology into standards to obtain economic benefits and on the ability to achieve technical trade barriers through the formulation of technical standards. So what are the flow packing machine safeguards? Let's see together.

Here is the content list:

Strengthen organizational leadership

Continuously improve the standard system

Intensify efforts to formulate and revise standards

Pay attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into standards

Strengthen organizational leadership

Conscientiously implement the important documents of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Machinery Industry Federation on standardization work, innovate work methods, highlight work priorities, improve work mechanisms, and improve work levels. Increase standardization efforts in key categories and key products, and carry out flow packing machine standardization in a planned and step-by-step manner. Vigorously publicize and promote the significance and role of standardization work, help enterprises to improve their understanding of standardization, and guide the enthusiasm of enterprises and all sectors of society to participate in the standardization work of flow packing machines.

Continuously improve the standard system

According to the changes in market demand, establish a flow packing machine standard system that faces the market, closely follows the demand, has a reasonable structure and highlights the key points, and intensifies the revision and improvement of the food machinery standard system. Organize relevant enterprises, scientific research units, colleges, and universities to carry out in-depth discussions, straighten out work ideas, scientifically divide categories, highlight key areas, define product subdivisions, and continuously improve the food machinery standard system. In promoting the construction of the flow packing machine standard system, further, adjust and optimize the food machinery standard structure, and comprehensively improve the technological advancement, economic rationality, safety reliability, and market adaptability of food machinery standards. While carrying out the construction of the standard system, it is necessary to establish a standardization work mechanism that is based on demand, responds quickly, and is efficient and orderly.

Intensify efforts to formulate and revise standards

According to market needs, several standard formulation projects for flow packing machines were proposed to strengthen the management of standard formulation. In terms of standard project establishment, it is necessary to strengthen investigation, research, and scientific demonstration. In terms of a standard review, the standards should be strictly reviewed in strict accordance with the principles of openness to society, fair interests, legal procedures, and sufficient materials. In the implementation of the standard plan, we should pay attention to the timeliness and seriousness of the plan, and ensure the quality, quantity, and timely completion of the standard formulation task of the flow packing machine. At the same time, the implementation of the standard plan is regularly or irregularly inspected, and the whole process is tracked from the standard project establishment to the standard approval.

Pay attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into standards

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, food machinery manufacturing enterprises, scientific research units, and colleges and universities have undertaken many food machinery scientific research projects. To improve the product level and technical content of scientific research projects, it is recommended to research the transformation of flow packing machine scientific and technological achievements into standards. In the process of transforming scientific and technological achievements into standards, the first is to promote the timely transformation of scientific and technological achievements with industrialization prospects into standards; the second is to ensure the transformation effect and play the role of standards as a bridge between scientific and technological achievements and real productivity. To this end, we should focus on the development of my country's flow packing machine industry and international competition, analyze the possibility and effectiveness of the transformation of scientific research results into standards, establish the focus of transformation, handle the relationship between intellectual property rights and standards, and improve my country's food machinery standards. The proportion of independent technology.

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