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Development measures and trends in food packaging machine technology

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Food packaging machine automation technology has huge market potential in China's packaging industry. According to statistics, in China's packaging machinery industry in 2005, the application scale of automation technology in the market was about 800 million yuan. The demand for packaging equipment has surged, mainly because my country's research on packaging machinery has become more and more in-depth, which has led to higher development in terms of measurement, manufacturing, and technical performance. With the emergence of mechatronics, my country's food packaging machine technology has been greatly improved, and the application of automation technology in food packaging machines will continue to improve.

Here is the content list:

  • The measure of rapid development of automatic food packaging machine

  • The development trend of food packaging

The measure of rapid development of automatic food packaging machine

(1) Increase investment in national food packaging machine enterprises. To promote the modern development of food packaging machines, financial support is essential. The government should be committed to promoting the development of state-owned enterprises in food packaging. For private and joint-stock enterprises, certain support policies should also be given to promote production, learning, and research within the enterprise’s integrated development.

(2) Adhere to independent innovation and independent research and development. If you want to develop a food packaging machine enterprise, you can't just adopt the "bringing doctrine", and lack the necessary independent innovation. After the introduction of foreign key technologies, it is necessary to repeatedly study and digest, them to carry out technological innovation and optimization at the original level and develop technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The essential thing in enterprise development is the sense of innovation.

(3) Strengthen the information management of enterprises. Efforts should be made to promote enterprise transformation and operation management supported by information technology and to establish a complete enterprise internal information system to promote effective information feedback and reduce losses caused by untimely information feedback.

The development trend of food packaging

Modern food packaging is the product of modern food production, circulation, and consumption, and it develops correspondingly with modern food circulation conditions and sales markets. The increasing automation, mechanization, and environmental protection of packaging is the general development trend of food packaging.

1. The packaging material of food packaging machines is the material basis for the development of modern food packaging. Paper, plastic, metal, and glass will continue to be the four pillars of modern food packaging materials, and the development and application of green packaging materials will have a larger development.

2. Protecting the quality of food and maintaining the freshness of food is the most important and most basic function of the food packaging machine. Therefore, the pursuit of a perfect fresh-keeping function has become the first choice for food packaging.

3. Modern food packaging requires a high degree of unity of artistry and practicability. Food packaging and decoration are moving towards "four conveniences" (convenient display, selection, carrying, and use) and "three modernizations" (transparency, visualization, and environmental protection) and decorations Develop with the direction of the artwork.

4. Food packaging machine aseptic packaging will be further developed, which will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment.

5. On the premise that the food packaging machine guarantees and improves the packaging quality, the packaging cost can be reduced by improving the performance of packaging materials.

6. To facilitate storage, transportation, and circulation, the lightweight packaging of food packaging machines will be further developed.

The above is the development measures and trends in food packaging machine technology. If you are interested in a food packaging machine, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.jinhongchina.com/.









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