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Design and development of chocolate flow wrapping machine

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The packaging machine is suitable for candy, toffee, or other regular shaped solid foods, such as spherical, oval, cylindrical, square, etc. The following are the details of the design and development of the chocolate flow wrapping machine.

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l The design of chocolate flowing packaging machine

l The development of chocolate flow wrapping machine

The design of chocolate flowing packaging machine

1. It not only has clear separation of drive box, electric box and product area, high sanitary level, but also simple operation and high operational safety

2. Automatic film change ensures uninterrupted operation and provides left and right-hand versions to reduce labor costs.

3. High performance, high efficiency, and high output of chocolate flow wrapping machine, which is also equipped with nine axes servo drive system, three independent servo drive axes control feeding chain traction, film pulling, and sealing activation, and six independent servo drive axes control intelligent feeding.

4. Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides quick and clear access to all necessary areas and functions such as product size change, multi-zone temperature control, error indicators, and troubleshooting procedures, and it allows 100% packaging of the Smart Feed system (no empty packs)

5. The chocolate flow wrapping machine is easy to clean and maintain, the belt can be easily changed and cleaned

6. Chocolate flow wrapping machine can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated with conveyor lines or other packaging systems for full automation.

7. Chocolate flow wrapping machine not only has excellent packaging and sealing quality but also has excellent hygiene standards and reliable full automation

The development of chocolate flow wrapping machine

In recent years, China has continued to introduce policies to promote the export of the machinery industry, especially the importance of independent research and development; packaging research institutions also in the main body of property rights, research and development subjects, technological innovation, and other aspects of increased investment. This is for China's packaging machinery enterprises pointed out the right direction of development, increase independent innovation, rely on their own strength to develop new technologies, new equipment products; gradually implement the "big strong small special" production and management model, the formation of "differentiated" market competition system. Bigger and stronger themselves, in order to occupy a place in the fierce packaging machinery industry. After more than 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry. Both production and output value, have made remarkable achievements. China's packaging market is developing fast, large scale, with potential. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the emergence of a variety of processed products, packaging equipment, and packaging technology has put forward new requirements. Packaging machinery is playing an increasingly large role. Packaging machinery competition is increasingly fierce, and low consumption, high efficiency, multi-functional, intelligent, automated packaging equipment is increasingly favored by the industry. Automation technology in the packaging production line has accounted for more than 50%. And a large number of computer design and mechatronics control, and constantly improve production efficiency, flexibility, and flexibility of equipment, is the industry's development trend.

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