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Jinhong Food Machinery Co.,Ltd is founded single-handedly by Mr. Xu Zhongfang. As early as 1987, Mr. Xu Zhongfang began to devote his contribution to food machinery. As a pioneer in food packaging, our company produces a series of good packaging machinery keeping up with customer demand, based on the spirit of innovation-oriented, development-oriented business philosophy.

Traced back to our development, 2001 is a milestone year. This year witnessed us a more standardized and rational construction and reform, and the establishment of the second plant. Furthermore, with China’s entrance into WTO, our business has extended from domestic to international.

In the ensuing years, we had a keen sense of food industry’s requirement to packaging is undergoing profound changes—much faster, more stable, more frugal which would be the new direction of packaging machinery. With this in mind, we thereupon have updated and upgraded our product line, and therefore developed a new kind of Three Servo Candy Pillow Packing Machine which speed is up to 2000 bags per minute. Also, a customized pipeline has been designed and every year 1 or 2 new products could be maintained to come out. These changes and reforms allow our customers can enjoy the world’s leading equipment with less than half the cost in Europe.

The year 2010 saw us carrying out the effective and rational ownership restructuring in order to promote our company to a new stage.By 2013, our company has explored markets to Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Central Asia, Africa and many other countries and regions. And we have opened business cooperation with many food giants. In this year, registered capital increase has been achieved again since 2001. At the meantime, our third plant is being built.

Our every step forward is closely associated with customers in the development. Thus, we sincerely invite you to experience the convenience and success which the technical capabilities bring us to our life.


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